Residential Roof Repair, Glendora

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    CCS 'rush' roof repair - Glendora



The December rains in Southern California created a lot of work and really tested our ability to take care of our clients’ needs. This emergency roof repair was a “rush” job to remove and replace a badly leaking roof at a condominium building in Glendora.

Once we had a break in the weather, our crews removed the old leaking roof and replaced it — in three days. Note the extremely detailed roof repair work involved with parapet walls, AC equipment and a tie in to the existing shingle roof.

Mission accomplished for a regular and satisfied client of ours.


We are experts in repairing all types of building leaks. We provide a complete repair from demolition to framing, wall flashing, sheet metal fabrication, window installation, application of stucco or siding, drywall, painting and interior and exterior finishes.

With CCS you are assured of competent, thorough and professional workmanship.

CCS has completed thousands of residential construction projects in Southern California, including new construction and comprehensive repairs and remodeling. We are experts in the diagnosis, evaluation and repair of water intrusion leak problems and general construction problems.

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