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    CCS cool roof systems - San Dimas condos

Cool Roof Systems


CCS is leader in the installation of cool roof systems in Southern Callifornia. A cool roof can be accomplished by either installing a new roof or repairing and coating your existing roof.

CCS installs almost 300 cool roof systems on San Dimas condos.[One of our recent CCS projects is featured in Western Roofing magazine — click on the image at right to view the article.]

Sustainable & Energy Efficient Roofs

A cool roof is a sustainable system: it can be recoated, it increases life expectancy dramatically, it offers long-term energy savings. CCS has been a pioneer in cool roof installation, for over a decade — well ahead of the curve of the now well-understood and conceived concept of cool roofs.

Cool roof systems are highly effective in reducing cooling costs over air-conditioned space. They also prolong the life of the roof system. Each cool roof system is custom designed for your specific needs.